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Train With Michael Piaseczny, ISSA & KFIT


kettlebell in handI offer private and semi-private American Kettlebell instruction and Personal Training in the Riverside and North County San Diego area. I also offer Online Training throughout the United States. I teach safe, efficient and effective American Kettlebell exercises in an easy-to-learn format. Using Kettlebell routines in conjunction with cardiovascular and plyometric training, I will help you forge a path to greater fitness and achieve the strength and toning results that you desire.

My goal is to help you become lean, strong and healthy. Not only will you look better but you will feel better as well. Kettlebell training leads to a core that is strong and lean. You will notice a marked increase in your range of motion. American Kettlebell training helps my clients develop the flexibility of a gymnast and the power of an elite athlete.

I carefully craft individualized Kettlebell programs to help clients achieve their fitness and weight-loss goals, regardless of age, gender or profession. Through careful program design, weight selection and constant motivation, I inspire men and women of all ages, teens, couch potatoes and accomplished athletes to push themselves further than they ever thought possible. I look forward to working with you!

9 Reasons To Train With Kettlebells

  1. hand and kettlebellIt works! The unique methodology behind a Kettlebell workout is proven to promote physical strength, endurance and incredible flexibility.
  2. It gets you results in half the time of a traditional workout. A Kettlebell workout offers a full body strength, cardio, core and flexibility training program in just minutes.
  3. It firms and tightens your trouble spots-FAST! The unique design of a Kettlebell requires continuous engagement of core and stabilization muscles not used in traditional exercises.
  4. It burns more fat and calories, up to 600-800 calories an hour! Kettlebell exercises involve compound movements, engaging multiple muscle groups through a long range of motion. The result is an intense, calorie-burning experience.
  5. It is fun! There are over 170 Kettlebell movements and with endless exercise combinations, so no two workouts are ever the same. Workout boredom will never be an issue with Kettlebells!
  6. It improves sport performance. Whether you run, play football, lacrosse, golf, volleyball, hockey or soccer or participate in mixed martial arts or triathalons, adding Kettlebell training will improve speed and agility and give you explosive strength and power.
  7. It can help you get lean and sculpted muscles. Kettlebells offer functional strength training that will keep your body strong, lean and agile.
  8. Ripped abs! Kettlebell exercises can help develop a rock-hard midsection while increasing shoulder and back flexibility.
  9. It will get you in the best shape of your life. Turn some heads at your next party, high school reunion, at the gym…everywhere you go! People will ask you what your secret is. Tell them, "Kettlebell training with Michael Piaseczny!"