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kettlebellfitt kettlebells in packagePackage One - Training Session (Private, Semi-Private and Group)

KettlebellFitt in GrassI offer affordable training sessions, which are minimally 1 hour long and may extend to a maximum of 2 hours, depending on your goals and your established training plan. Pricing will be dictated by the length of your training session.

You are encouraged to arrive prior to your scheduled appointment to warm-up and sufficiently prepare for your time spent training with me. By arriving early and being ready to train at the time your session begins, you can maximize your time spent training. If the training is occurring at your residence, ensure that you have taken the time to warm prior to my arrival.

*The price per hour depends on the location you opt to be trained at. I encourage you to select a location for your training at which you will feel comfortable. The more comfortable you are, the better your results.

Session Time Price Per Session
1 hour $20.00 - 35.00*

Package sessions:

- Purchase 9 training sessions in advance and get the 10th free.

- I also offer group training, with a limit of 3 people per session. The group training needs to take place at a location other than my residence. The price per session will be discounted $5 dollars per person.

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kettlebellfitt kettlebells in packagePackage Two - Online Training

I'm offering very inexpensive online training services. At $50 for 6 weeks and $80 for 12 weeks, you will receive ongoing support and guidance in reaching your fitness goals.

Here's how it works.

  1. Email me a little bit about yourself, your workout and fitness history and tell me what your goals are. Indicate to me what strength and conditioning tools you have at your disposal as well.
  2. I will decide whether or not we are a good match for each other (I'll reply to your email).
  3. You deposit your payment into my Paypal account for the package you desire.
  4. I write you a personalized workout program based on your goals and history.
  5. You can send me video clips of your exercise form and I'll give you feedback.
  6. You can email me questions about the routine, the workouts, and/or the exercises (we can modify the routine based on your feedback too).
  7. You can email me your weekly workout logs and nutrition logs and I'll give you feedback each week.
  8. If after your 6 or 12 week period you wish to continue, you simply transfer more money into my Paypal account.

That's it! It's very simple.

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kettlebellfitt kettlebells in packagePackage Three - Phone Consultations

I offer affordable consultation services at $20 for 30-minute conversation.

Here's how it works.

  1. You deposit $20 into my Paypal account.
  2. Send me an email listing your telephone number and some good times to call.

That's it! It's very simple.

I have a thorough understanding of Kettlebell training and personal training for men and women so I can offer great insight on a wide array of topics.

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